Thursday, January 5, 2017


Christmas day was a very enjoyable day but the late evening not so much.  While Josh and Alyee took the new kittens out to there new home Josh found himself on the cold ground with a major issue.  After getting him to the ER and seeing an X-Ray we were giving what I called was good news... no major break, but it was out of it's socket and there was a small fracture.  

On the road to recovery!

Monday, April 4, 2016


Easter this year was spent with Josh's family.  What a wonderful day it turned out to be.  After the wind calmed down we were able to snap an updated family picture.  

Friday, January 8, 2016

Lots of SNOW = Family Skiing!

There wasn't much skiing done last year so Josh and I were very excited to have a weekend (and snow) that we could get the kids back at skiing!

What a great day we all had!

First run was made with Hans. 
His motto is and always be.... if your not first your last!  It's race down the hill.

Winston made HUGE improvement just in the one day.  Can't wait to get him back up on the mountain again.

And that brings us to Alyee!  She loves skiing and she loves her lessons.  She gets to meet friends and take her time working on her skills.  She's ready for the next level her instructor told us so it's onto chair 1 next time!  Oh Boy!!

Love being able to spend a day doing something as a family!  Very blessed we are!

Monday, August 17, 2015

More summer ball

Winston and his teammates had their best State Tournament to date....

#9 had a GREAT tournament

 This play here he was actually called "safe"  catcher dropped the ball.  Changed the whole game and tigers won!

My little lefty has grown into a wonderful pitcher.  He and his teammates all did so well.  Excited to watch them through the years to come.

Although the team lost a heartbreaker to advance to the semi-finals they by far played the best they ever have!  They were 3-2 for the 2015 state tournament.  

Coach was pretty proud of his son as was I!!  

Summer Ball

As most know both Winston and Hans love their baseball!!  It was yet again a summer filled with baseball and what a successful season it was.  

Hans competed in his first State Tournament this year and did AWESOME!!

 Hans and his pitching really grew throughout the season.  

These 2 kicked butt together!  Everything is always better with cousin Hayden by his side.

Hans played a lot of positions and learned a lot.  He's already looking forward to next season.

Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Memories and Milestones

Daddy and his little princess.

Her smile says it all.

Thanks babe for always knowing what we need and making it happen!

Yep!  This is her first time on a rollercoster that takes you up up and around!!!!

I'd say she liked it!  

Love these kids!  They fill my world with love and laughter everyday.

Alyee got to be behind the wheel for the first time.

It truly was perhaps one the best family vacations we have taken.  

Space Mountain!  This to makes me bust up laughing!!!  Can you say NO FEAR!!!!

Not sure what is with the tongue thing but even the little girl in the front has her tongue out just not as much as my 2 charming boys.

And then the day came to head home.

Back to Washington we go.  Good bye warm weather you will be missed but we will BE BACK SOON!!!!

Monday, March 2, 2015


Going to Disneyland on the off season has it's perks, that's for sure!  The kids had a blast being able to ride rides and meet characters.  We got some time with Captain America.

Allee got to meet the princesses again.

Cinderella was able to pull a fast one on the boys and snap a picture with the boys.  They really thought there was something up above until the camera clicked!

But why were really headed to Disneyland was for these 2 ladies.  Alyee couldn't wait to meet Anna and Elsa!

Hans was a tad excited himself.  It also was homework from his teacher to bring back a picture of him with the 2 princesses.  

It's very unusual to not have the front of the park full of people so this is a rare picture.  There is no one around us!

The kids LOVED Cars Land!

Our family just loves Disneyland!  There is no where in the world as happy has here!